Operation Canadian Shield is an initiative by Flash Reproductions to supply front line workers with essential safety equipment that protects them as they treat Covid-19 patients.

Flash Reproductions launched Operation Canadian Shield (GoFundMe campaign) in response to the large volume of requests received for shield donations.  Funds raised through OCS GoFundMe campaign are being used to provide shields to our frontline workers in need. We also received many requests from individuals and organizations looking to purchase their own shields, therefore we are offering those at cost. If your organization has funding in place to secure PPE supplies, please visit the ‘shields for purchase’ portion of this site so that those who do not have the funding can get the support they need. 

I would like to request donated shields for my organization, paid for by Operation Canadian Shield.

I’m interested in purchasing shields.
We will be in touch with a quote.

You will receive an email regarding a sample shield. When you have evaluated the sample, please reply to the e-mail to confirm the details of the order.

For more information about what we do please visit www.flashreproductions.com

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